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Prenatal Paternity Testing

Many patients find themselves in a situation where they need to determine paternity as soon as possible. American Paternityís prenatal testing specialists will guide patients through every step in this process discreetly and professionally. Samples from the unborn child are collected by an OB-GYN. Patients have the option of using their own OB-GYN or our OB-GYN referral service.

Prenatal Sample Collection
There are two prenatal sample collection methods that can be performed depending on the motherís stage of pregnancy:

Chorionic Villi Sampling (CVS)
CVS is performed during the 10th through the 13th week of pregnancy. Cells are taken from the placenta, a membrane that surrounds the developing fetus. Depending on the babyís position in the womb, the OB-GYN may use a catheter through the vagina or a long, hollow needle through the abdomen.

Amniocentesis is performed during the 14th through the 24th week of pregnancy. This procedure collects loose cells that the baby sheds into the surrounding amniotic fluid during development. A long needle is used to collect fluid through the abdomen.

Testing Cost
The prenatal testing fee is $420, which includes the cost of the prenatal collection kit (sent to the OB-GYN), DNA testing and analysis, and processing and delivery of results.

The OB-GYN charges a collection fee that patients must pay directly to the doctor for sample collection. If the patient is having a prenatal collection for medical reasons in addition to paternity testing, e.g. prenatal health screening, her medical insurance might cover this collection fee.

The OB-GYN usually collects the samples from the mother and alleged father at the time of prenatal sample collection for no additional charge. If this is not possible, we can coordinate sample collection appointments for the adults at one of our local sites. There will be an additional collection fee of $35 per person. Samples collected in this way follow the Chain of Custody process, which allows results of the prenatal paternity test to be used in courts and other legal venues.

We also offer in-home collections for the adults. We will send you a simple, easy-to-use DNA collection kit containing cheek swabs that you can use to collect loose cheek cells. This method of sample collection does not follow the Chain of Custody, and test results may be used for personal knowledge only.

OB-GYN Referral Service
We recommend that the mother first ask if her own OB-GYN is willing to perform the prenatal procedure. We can also coordinate prenatal sample collection appointments for an additional charge. Please contact us for more information.

Turnaround Time
Prenatal paternity test results are available five working days after we receive all samples in the lab. We send the results via first class mail and email (if it is an in-home test) free of charge; expedited shipping options are also available for an extra fee.

Please call us at 1-800-281-2906 to start your prenatal paternity test. Our caring, professional staff can answer any questions you may have, and they are available to help you during the entire process—even after you receive the results and need help interpreting the report. For more information, you may wish to visit our frequently asked questions page.

Note: Residents of New York may require additional procedures to comply with State Department of Health Regulations. Please call 1-800-281-2906 for more information.

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